Support FAQ


Please read the FAQs   for the most commonly listed questions. We cannot respond to emails.

Section A – General


1. Question: Can my institution subscribe to the quarterly editions?
Answer:  Yes.

2. Question: Can I apply to be a member of the Editorial review Board

Answer: Certainly – please send your details including qualifications, experience, publications, institution and any other relevant information.

Section B -Publishing

1. Qn. Are there any fees to submit?

Answer. No

2. Qn. Are there any fees if I am accepted to be published?

Answer. No

3. Qn. How long does a review take once my submission is sent?

Answer. The preliminary review is carried out within 2 – 6 weeks. Acceptance or rejection is notified in this stage. If your paper is Accepted for Editorial review, the process can take up to 8-10 months by the time you have corresponded with the editors on suggested changes and made those changes.

4. Qn. If my paper is accepted can I request a Letter of Acceptance?

Answer. Yes, this will be emailed to you upon request

5. Qn. How long will it take to be published?

Answer. The Chief Editor will inform you of the date your paper is scheduled for publication

Section C. Thesis

1. Qn. Do you publish theses?

Answer. Yes.

2. Qn. Are there any fees?

Answer. No

3. Qn. How long does it take to get published?

Answer. If your paper has already undergone university examination your paper will be published with 1-2 months of receipt