Volume 2 Issue 2 2014

| December 28, 2013


Volume 2 Issue 2 2014 

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  1. Paschal Maher. The Use of ‘or’ in Post-graduate Student Academic Legal Writing.
  2. Min Dong Nanncy, Songdan Guo. Social Semiotic Approach to Civil Judgments in the Mainland of China: Generic Structure Potential Model.
  3. Luping Zhang. Legislation Translation in China:  A Perspective of Horizontal Equivalence.
  4. Hongqin Zhang. The Progress of Legal Semiotics in China.
  5. Xiaojuan Liu. Chinese Translation of Long Sentences in Legal English: From a Contrastive Study Perspective.
  6. Li Sun. Narrative Study on Witnesses’ Involvement in Their Statements.


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