Volume 2 Issue 1 2014

| June 28, 2013


Volume 2 Issue 1 2014

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    1. Marilu Rañosa-Madrunio. Power and Control in Philippine Courtroom Discourse.  

    1. Falian Zhang. Legal English Education in China: From the Perspective of the National Legal English Certificate Test.

    1. Hongqin Zhang. A Functional-Cognitive Approach to the Constitution of the United States.

    1. Coppolella Mariangela. The Use of Informal and Formal Anaphoric or Discourse-Deictic References in the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: A Linguistic Comparative Analysis of the English, Italian and Spanish versions.

    1. Fang Wang. Judicial Justice and Language Equality: Empirical Study on the Construction of China’s Court Interpretation System.

  1. Tunde Opeibi. “Why I Should Be Set Free?”: A Discursive-Analytic Study of the Trial of Naval Admirals in Nigeria.

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